Blue Rudder Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Peter Strommen


A few months ago, I knew I was not going to be financially able to continue through my training and would have to pause or stop at some point. Working hard was still not enough for me to complete training and get my ratings on time. Blue Rudder Aviation Memorial Scholarship and their team supported and helped me get my Instrument Rating through Inflight Pilot Training. I have been chasing my dream since I was 6 yrs old and always felt I was on my own. I never thought that I would get the opportunity and help to continue pushing toward my dream to become a pilot. I got my Instrument Rating and now I am ready to start my commercial training on time and without a pause.

To everyone out there who has a dream to become a Pilot: never give up, keep pushing, keep going and keep inspiring. We all can do this– Jeeten 

“I want to extend my gratitude to Blue Rudder for allowing the opportunity to receive my private pilot’s license through Inflight Pilot Training. The biggest limiting factor to budding pilots tends to revolve around finances, and with that a limit to the consistency in flying. Not only has Blue Rudder allowed me to fund my journey to becoming a pilot, but they allowed me to do so without pause or break in the process, something that has been integral to my development and proficiency as a now private pilot. There are not many opportunities to Part 61 schools, so having the ability to customize your training with a school that prides itself on your success is both valuable and integral when welcoming you into the community of aviation. On top of my enjoyable time as a student pilot, I never once felt that I was on my own. Blue Rudder made sure that someone just as passionate about aviation was on my side and ensuring that I was setting myself up for success. Everything was very clearly set out and developed to allow me to succeed throughout all phases of training, and I am proud to say that it worked!” – Conor

“I was able to obtain my private pilot’s license in less than four months thanks to a contribution from the Blue Rudder Memorial Scholarship. With their help along with the support from my instructors at Inflight I have started a journey to pursue a dream I never imagined was possible. The hard work and patience taken to get to this point has been completely worth it and only pushes me to work harder on my next ratings. I am ever grateful to those at Inflight and Blue Rudder who work to continue Peter Strommen’s legacy of bringing aviation to those who may not have had the opportunity otherwise. Thank you so much.”  – Janelle

Earn your Private Pilot at Inflight Pilot Training with the help of the Blue Rudder Memorial Scholarship